Weapons for Self Defense?

Ok so this post comes right after a teen got arrested in a near by town for using a pepper spray like weapon. Here's the original article http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/story/2012/10/31/calgary-pepper-spray-lethbridge.html

When I teach self defense classes at least once some one asks me what my stance on weapons is . My stance is this; 1) many weapons are considered illegal in many states and provices (pepper spray in many cases is considered a weapon), 2) many times a weapon can be taken from a victim by a perpetrator and use it against the victim 3) even if it's legal to carry a weapon there are still some places that are off limits, ie school grounds, court houses ... 4) the weapon you carry can be stolen

From this post, it may seem I'm against arming myself, in fact I believe it should be every ones right to protect themselves--but do it wisely

This may help some of you to know what's legal and what's not---if you're still not sure, than call the local police


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