De-escalating a Situation

Steps to De-Escalate Conflict With Your Teen thumbnail
i.      De-escalation means to speak or act in away that can prevent things from getting worst.
ii.     If some one asks for your wallet throw it to them
iii.   If some one is harassing you agree with them
iv.   Remember you're the rational one, you're in control of your emotions and the other person is out of control you have an advantage because you are in control
v.     Speak to them in a calm voice don't scream back at them
vi.   Try to remain calm and control your temper saying and doing things that don't threaten your attacker can give you more control
vii.  Redirect your attention of your attackers focus such as saying “oops I forgot to call me father/husband that's a Cop, he's expecting my call” or say wow my phone is vibrating that must be my father/husband
viii.Remember the best military strategist make conflict altogether unnecessary
ix.   self defense is about using your mind, being calm and controlled
iix. watch for non verbal cues (what the other person is doing with their body)

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