Abuse in Families

How Ativan abuse affects families
i. You think you have control but you are out of control. How far are you really going to go?
ii. “...unhealthy families change children in many ways, but the saddest is the destruction of the child's belief that he has purpose and value.” Gavin De Becker 
iii. “Family violence and bullying have devastating social, health and economic consequences for families, communities and society.” Government of Alberta 
iv. Between 1999 and 2004, the highest reported rate of spousal assault of provinces in Canada was in Alberta (10% women; 7% men).
vi. Court orders of restraint---don't always work---they're only a piece of paper and many times they are ignored and they have to be redone many times. According to Gavin De Becker when an abusive individual is given a Court order, their control is being taken away. The control is out of their hands and this can further the problem and make them want to get back into control. The best plan of action according to Gavin De Becker is leaving to a safe place, such as a shelter, and getting help from other people that have gone through the same things successfully and survived

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