Trusting and listening to your intuition

Trusting and listening to your intuition

      i.               If you feel uncomfortable about some one or some place---get out of there, this is your intuition telling you---trust it---it will be 100% accurate
ii.             if you're walking down a street and you feel like some one is following you what could you do?
·       Cross the street and walk on the other side
·       walk in the middle of the street
·       walk to a group of people that look safe
·       go up to a house that looks that feels safe
·       use your cell phone and call some one
·       turn around and say hello
·       yell, scream and run away
·       run away
·       act crazy, jump up and down



Irene said...

Hi Kelly,

Great post Kelly,
To use your feeling for self defense may be save you in dangerous situations. I think that is important to train your gut feeling to be able to act avoiding troubles before it hits you.

Best wishes from Holland,


Kelly's Adventures in the Kitchen said...

Irene thank you for your comment. Your right learning to trust your inner voice/gut has saved many people from being in dangerous situations.