Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

 By Dylan GoforthPhoenix Staff Writer

(Discussing what things will be discussed and taught at an up coming self defense class Deputy Chief Tony Ponds said) “One of the things Chief (Bob) Haley really stresses is awareness and having people be more aware of their surroundings, And with summertime coming, there are different things to look for in terms of keeping yourself safe.”

Stan Mitchell, a self-defense expert wanted to stress the importance of self-awareness as a first step in safety.

“Being aware of what’s going on around you is something that cannot be stressed enough,” Mitchell said. “Profiling is a nasty word these days, but it’s something we do — good or bad. We can use that profiling concept to look toward potential danger coming at us.”

Mitchell said. “If someone is angry and screaming or is asking for your money, sometimes there are better ways to deal with that situation than just fighting back.”

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