Are you giving criminals information about your family?

"Our goal is that everyone thinks about the free information that they are providing to potential criminals," Race Search and Rescue stated on its Facebook page. "Our families' safety is the most important thing."
Bumper sticker---tells people where your child goes to school
Parking sticker--tells people where you live or work
Dad's clothing--military and could be away from home
Child dressed as a football player--your child pays football
Police Chief Patrick O'Rourke of Derry Township, Pa., says these stickers just reveal too much personal information. "The stick figure family may divulge too much information as to how many children are home, what ages they are, if you have a dog, if you don't," O'Rourke told WDRB-TV. "Be cautious about what you're putting on your vehicle. Be aware of what the ramifications may be."


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