What To Do If Your Child is Being Bullied

This a timely blog entry seeing that it's the beginning of the school year for many children across the world. Along with the excitement of meeting new teachers and getting new school supplies is also the threat of being bullied. 
One of my friends shared a post on Facebook that upset me, it's title was "Bullies dump deaf student's backpack in toilet, heartbreaking photo goes viral"
This was my reply
"This upsets me on so many levels...I have many deaf friends who have had to endure years of harassment from the hearing world...I was bullied for years...I now empower people by teaching them how to defend themselves against these types of people...this isn't just bullying but illegal in many states, thankfully it's considered a crime now...this student needs strong adult advocates. I made a video about this topic, I hope you don't mind I share it here" 
"...I made that video because someone whose close to me PMed about their child being bullied and I knew other people needed to hear what I told my friend"

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