Workshop Testimonials

Activity Day Girls
(8-11 yr) and their Mothers 

Date: March 24, 2013
Location: Magrath Chapel (next to the high school), Magrath, Alberta Canada  

Seminar: Self Defense 
  • "Great job. Fun and interactive and covered the serious things without making it frightening. You're a great public speaker"
  • "Amazing class. Great information. Very fun to listen to. You are a great speaker. Awesome at talking to the girls on their level, loved it. So happy to have my daughter here listening. She loved it too!"
  • "I think that this was a wonderful opportunity for the girls. You did a great job. It opened up a bunch of subjects that interest my girls that we'll be able to talk about it was also nice that it supported the things that I have taught them. It's not just 'my crazy mom'"
  • "Excellent presentation for all ages. Thank you so much for giving of yourself to educate our young girls and us"
  • "Good and informative for the age group, I think all the girls learned something that they individually needed to know."
  • "The presentation was FABULOUS! I appreciated how you related to the young girls, and made them feel like a "Queen" It was very informative. I'm glad that I came with my daughter. Thanks for coming!"
"Women's Relaxer"
Cardston Continuing Education 

Date: November 2011
Location: Cardston Civic Center, Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Seminar: Facials from Natural Products 
  • "My skin feels incredible"
  •  "Now I know I can do my own facials at home and feel fantastic"
  • "My most favorite part of today was the natural facial class"
  • "I learned you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be beautiful"
  • "Learned how to use inexpensive products at home"
  • "Olive oil works well for more than just cooking fantastic cleanse"
  • "I have lots of things at home I can use for making my skin feel great""I'm going to use these recipes that Kelly gave us as Christmas gifts--to make other women feel great too"
"Girl Talk"
Cardston Continuing Education
Date: May 2011
Location: Cardston Civic Center, Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Seminar: Self Defense
  •  "I learned what to do when I’m in trouble, to defend myself and to get away "
  • "Please have Kelly Hamon come again – she was very informative and needed"
  • "Loved everything, learned lots, my favorite"                                               
  • "Kelly Hamon was fantastic, loved her friendliness"
  • "New ideas that were practical and learned to think smart "
  • "Any age can be safe"
  • "Learned how to use all of our tools"
Amherst High School, PTA and Youth Board
Date: October 13, 2009
Location: Amherst High School, Amherst New York, USA
 Seminar: Self Defense 
  • "LOVED IT!! You guys are awesome! I feel so EMPOWERED!"
  • "Very insightful. I learned a lot"
  • "Thank you for a fabulous presentation"
  • "Great presentation! Very informative!"
  • "Excellent techniques."
  • "GREAT!!"
  • "It was fabulous and fun!"
  • "I learned a lot. I really appreciate the very helpful information."
  • "I learned a ton today!! Very great presentation! You know so much. THANK YOU!"
Buffalo General Hospital Department of Surgery
Surgery Department Wives Annual Retreat 2009
Date: Summer 2009
Location: Beaver Conference Center, Java, New York, USA
Seminar: Self Defense
  • Susan D. (organizer) "I feel Empowered! I learned what strengths I have."
  • Isabella P. "Informative and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your program."
  • Claire S. "Would not have thought of some of the moves that you showed us! The emphasis on confidence and self-possession is important."
  • Mihe D. "I believe I am safer now after learning self-defense."
  • Melissa S. "This should be taught to every woman and child."
Church Women United
Date: March 20, 2009
Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
Seminar: Self-Defense
  • Norma, Treasurer "I learned a lot. I feel safer now. "
  • Sally, Administrative Coordinator "Excellent presentation. I learned how to protect myself."
  • Martha, Member Clerk "Very interesting and helpful. I would recommend this to other groups."
  • Carol, Nominating Chair "EXCELLENT JOB! You gave me tools to protect and defend myself--thank you"
  • Ollie, Secretary "Today's seminar was very well presented."
  • Roberta "The most important thing that I learned today was to use my brain."
  • Michele, church representative "Your presentation was very interesting and easily understandable"
Niagara Falls Ward Relief Society and Young Women
Date: March 3, 2009
Location: Lewiston, New York, USA
Seminar: Self Defense
  • "I appreciated the seminar and thought it was well presented. I felt empowered" 
  • Daniela "Thank you for this time. I learned a lot. I think that this can be helpful. I think you're doing a great job." 
  • Tanya "Fabulous job on the seminar tonight. I wasn't sure what to expect and I feel empowered by having been there. Thanks for coming and teaching us such important skills. :)" 
  • Young Woman "It's ok to kick someone if they are trying to hurt you. It's ok to stick up for yourself." 
  • "The lesson on self-defense was very helpful"
  • "I thought it was helpful. I learned that even if you know someone it is not okay for them to touch you, unless you feel comfortable with them." 
  • "I think that this was very educational and you executed it very well" 
  • "I think the information about personal safety and the physical skills that you taught were very helpful. I will be more aware of each situation I am in. Thank you" 
  • "You did a very good seminar. You did great." 
  • "I found this seminar very helpful. Many simple and easy tips" 
  • "Very helpful, it inspired confidence. It was very encouraging." 
  • "Great job!" 
  • "Very well done! Thank you, you kept everyone's attention and it was very informative" 
  • "I think everything you said was good and helpful" 
  • "I like learning about 'stopping the computer' and 'muscle memory'. I thought a lot about my girls during this class, I think this information would be helpful to them also." 
  • "Wonderful Presentation! The seminar helped me feel like I can be a strong and in control in situations. Overall you are a great presenter! Thank you very much!" 
  • "I enjoyed your demonstrations and comments on self-defense. I enjoyed learning the moves and how to avoid situations that maybe dangerous. I learned that I have the right to fight to survive" 
  • "Very good seminar! Very informative! Thank you!"
Orchard Park Ward Relief Society and Young Women 
Date: August 13 2009
Location: Orchard Park City Park, New York, USA
Seminar: Self Defense
  • Trish A."Excellent! I feel much more empowered!" 
  • Angela K. ”Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to teach us"
  • "Excellent information! A must for all women!"
  • "That was empowering. It gives me a lot to think about. Simple enough to use and practice." 
  • "Thank you it is amazing information that you taught" 
  • "You gave good examples on how to not be attacked" 
  • "Very nice, Thank you" 
  • "Lots of useful information. Great presentation. Thanks!" 
  • "I thought it was great & so interesting, I loved it. Great job." 
  • "I learned a lot & fun to listen to" 
  • "Thank you. Very informative and empowering!" 
  • "Nice sense of humor a long with seriousness." 
  • "Great" 
  • "Great class, good refreshers and reminders, I will definitely share this information with my children." 
  • "Very informative, I feel empowered tonight!"
Cattaraugus Branch Relief Society
Date: April 16, 2009
Location: Cattaraugus Branch, Gowanda, New York, USA
Seminar: Self Defense
  • "I feel empowered, more confident, and have more of a cheerful attitude. You really know your subject matter."
  • "I am very grateful for the information, I now feel better prepared to handle situations. Thank you so much for coming and talking with us tonight." 
  • "We really needed this information." 
  • "I thought this seminar was very informative, I learned a lot" 
  • "Very Good! I will go home and talk to my girls and share with them this information" 
  • "Great night!! Thank you so much, I leaned a great deal tonight." 
  • "Thanks, we will be more alert now, and we will practice to become less afraid--I feel empowered" 
  • "We were very informed in protecting ourselves. I enjoyed the class." 
  • "Very informative! You answered all questions clearly, and accurately. The demos were AWESOME!"
Joan A. Male Family Support Center
Date: March 13, 2009
Location: Buffalo New York, USA
Seminar: Self Defense
  • "Very good lesson, very empowering" 
  • "Great presentation! Good information that anybody can use to protect themselves." 
  • "Thank you, this was helpful, empowering and fun." 
  • "Very helpful tips and knowledgeable information" 
  • "Information was all great and very useful for the field we work in." 
  • "Nice class, your words were motivational." 
  • "Very good I liked it a lot!" 
  • "The information was very helpful and was taught in a way that could be remembered." 
  • "I really enjoyed the way you gave your presentation; combing mental strength, confidence and physical moves." 
  • "The demonstrations were very well done. It was taught in a way that was easy to follow. Very Good!" 
  • "Very helpful and usable, thanks!" 
  • "I really liked the way you taught how to avoid dangerous situations and the physical moves that you taught." 
  • "I would like it to be a longer session, time flew" 
  • "Good job. I learned a lot and I feel like I could do all the moves that I learned today." 
  • "Short and sweet, I liked it." 
  • "Thank you for the tips, especially the preventative ones and doing whatever it takes to survive." 
  • "I enjoyed the presentation. There was a lot of useful information that I didn't know before this seminar." 
  • "Great Training!! I wish everybody can learn about it." 
  • "Fantastic everybody should see this presentation." 
  • "Great Job!" 
  • "Thank you for the skills, I will pass them on to my 15 years old daughter so she can defend herself if she ever needs to." 
  • "Very nice seminar. Very instructive."
Family and Children's Services of Niagara Inc.
Date: February, 19, 2009
Location: Duke Center, Niagara Falls New York, USA
Seminar: Team Building and Individual Worth
Presenters: Kelly Hamon, Susan Dayton, and Adrian Dayton 
  • "Positive, Feel Good Program"
  • "The training was eye opening into others and myself. We all need each other to make our lives fuller with caring, love and hope. We can make life’s path easier and most of all happier" 
  • "I really enjoyed this seminar because you kept the audience interested by doing hands on activities. The environment was cheerful! Well done." 
  • "A reminder of the importance of how we touch lives in our work and personal lives. A reminder of how our hope can shape our lives. Wonderful workshop!" 
  • "This workshop rocked! I had so much fun. I learned how important our work is to the people we serve even if we don’t see it right away." 
  • "Wonderful presentation! Very fun and it made me think. I learned the impact of team work. Thank you" 
  • "Improved group interaction. Very enjoyable experience! We need much more of this. We don’t often give ourselves time to laugh together as a group."
  • "This day helped me to again refocus on what is important in my life when all else is said and done. Thanks so much for that!" 
  • "I dreaded this in-service, but it was one of the Best I’ve been to. Moral: Never assume too much." 
  • "This has been one of the better in-services I’ve been too. I have learned how to be more positive, how it will affect my life and others around me. The stories you’ve shared have touched me! Thank you!"
  • "I was re-energized about my job and the people I work with. The training helped me to connect with people that I don’t work with on a regular basis, but are part of the team."
  • "Fun, energizing, inspiring—upbeat and positive way to start the day." 
  • "Fun, Reflective, Team Building" 
  • "A team can work together to create and change but must have patience"
  • "People in our life bring something to it."
  • "To have Team-work, we need to work together.
  • "Working together generates more energy" 
  • "We all have the potential to be the best and to appreciate each other."
  • "We choose how we react to life’s experiences. Each of us is important and necessary."
  • "Enlightened. Appreciation of team relationships Working together is challenging but fun."
  • "The in-service reminds me of how important team work is at work and home."
  • "This training was very informative and the presenters were very knowledgeable in the topic area. This training was very motivational and very helpful for my career."
  • "Thank you for renewing hope and purpose in the individuals"
  • "Great activities"
  • "I really enjoyed being part of a team because it’s cool to see how others do things." 
  • "I really enjoyed this workshop. Sometimes we’re so busy with day to day things, we forget to stop and think about what’s important." 
  • "In such an age of gloom and doom, your positivist was really encouraging."
  • "We are so task oriented and sometimes it is good to remember or learn that each of us has some special talents to share. The stories were a powerful way to learn."
  • "Team work works. Laughter is the best medicine. Your attitude makes a difference. We all make a difference. We all have special attributes to share with each other. Love is never wasted. What one person doesn't have another one does..."

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