Being Safe, Lessons to Learn

Disturbing news coming from Washington State (Spokane, Washington-Upper Lincoln Park on South Side) yesterday. 62 yr old women was sexually assaulted in a very popular park. Apparently the park is well used by family's, walkers, runners ...etc. The attacked occurred, during day hours, on a walking path.

Lets study the attack in depth--the attack occurred in a very poplar park, during day hours, the park was empty at this time, the attacker was taking pictures on the path (I guess it's a very scenic area) and than followed the woman and attacked her. Thankfully the women survived. She went to the hospital and they reported it to the police.

It's apparent that this attacker had studied this area before and knew when it was the most secluded. He was like a predator waiting for his prey. His prey walked right into his trap.

What can we learn from this terrible event? Don't walk, run, bike alone. Don't go into areas that are secluded. Pay attention to your inner voice. Pay attention to your environment and people in that environment.

If ever attacked immediately go to the hospital (don't take a shower, don't go to the bathroom, don't change your clothes) and have a rape test done. At the hospital, they will contact the police. Usually it's women nurse who will take care of you that has been trained for this type of emergency.

Please if you have any information about this attack call Crime Check at 456-2233. 

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