Knowledge that Could Prevent You from Ever Being in a Situation Where You Have to Fight Off an Attacker

Reasons to take Self Defense Class

Remember the old adage "an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?

Living Well and safe at homeSergeant Juan Rodriquez (said about his self defense class, that some one will take away with them) "...knowledge that could prevent (them) from ever being in a situation where (they) have to fight off an attacker.'"

"If they know the skills to protect themselves prior to the incident then maybe the incident never happens or their so aware of what's going on around them the situation doesn't arise at all." 

He focuses on teaching women to identify a potential attacker by simply paying attention. 

"It's more to make women more aware and make them feel more confident and more assertive in their abilities to defend themselves." he says.

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