Don't Ignore Your Inner Voice/Intuition

Don't ignore your inner voice/intuition. 

Several months ago I attended a training. I was running late, so when I entered the training room, I had to take whatever seat was open, so I choose the one where I could get to with the most ease, meaning without having to crawl over people's laps. Just before sitting down I looked at the person sitting right next to where I would sit and a thought ran across my mind---"this man to the left of you is a pedophile"....I thought that was an odd thought and why would I think that? Was it the way he was dressed, his hair cut, his shoes?

During one of the last days of training the man sitting next to me revealed to the class that he had recently come from jail and had been imprisoned for attempted pedophilia. Hmmm, my first instinct was right, my inner voice/intuition didn't fail me.

How many times do we ignore that voice or feeling because we think we are judging someone. You are not judging someone when you listen to that voice. You're intuition is what keeps you and your family doesn't matter where you are; church, store, school...there are good and bad people every where....just be aware of them and pay attention to your inner voice---


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