De-escalation Techiques

1) Appear calm---appearing calm puts you in control of the situation

2) Use a normal speaking voice---unless the situation becomes combative, than scream as loud as you can to get attention from others

3) Don't be offended or get defensive with what a person is saying

4) Be aware of your environment---know where the doors and walls are and who else is in the environment----never put your back toward the individual your speaking with

5) Pay attention to where the individual is going and what he is doing

6) Keep your hands up and available to use as tools, it also shows the person you don't have a weapon

7) Repeat what the person is saying to make sure they know you heard what they said

8) You may want to agree with the individual---ie
Combative person "You're mother wears combat boots"
You "yep you're right she does"

9) ALWAYS ALWAYS----Trust your intuition

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