Good Samaritan Being Aware of His Environment and Would be Kidnapper in Santa Clarita


Take away from the following news story----be aware of your environment not just for yourself or your family, friends, loved ones but for anyone who might need your assistance

"Deputies locate girl who fled would-be kidnapper in Santa Clarita by Veronica Rocha, November 14, 2014, Los Angeles Times

"Authorities have located a 13-year-old girl who they say was a victim of a kidnapping attempt Wednesday in Santa Clarita.

"A driver spotted the attempted kidnapping about 8:30 a.m. in the area of Sierra Highway and Jakes Way, yelled at the suspect and told the girl to run and call authorities, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Dubin said.

"Meanwhile, the driver watched the man -- identified as Guillermo Lomeli Ceniceros, 39, of Rosamond -- until he was taken into custody by deputies.
"After arresting Ceniceros, police made a public appeal for the girl to come forward.
Dubin said Ceniceros and the girl are "complete strangers." "They do not know each other and they never had any previous contact," he said.

"Detectives found additional witnesses and plan to interview them about the incident.
Ceniceros, who is being held on $100,000 bail, is scheduled to appear in court Friday."


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