Being Aware Of Your Environment, The People Around You And Paying Attention To Your Intuition

Most important thing to take away: be aware of your environment and the people around you. If a person makes you feel uncomfortable for some reason---listen to that feeling. Those feelings are called your inner voice (some people call it intuition and/or Holy Ghost)---these feelings will not mislead you.

I remember a couple years ago I was running late for a meeting. I got to the meeting late and so I had to take the seat that was left open. I sat next to a man, who was dressed like all the other men in the meeting and was he clean however I had this yucky feeling sitting next to him. I had a feeling and thought run through my mind that this man was a pedophile. Because everyone in the meeting was wearing name tags I looked up his name (using my cell phone) on the sex offender registration and I found him. 

Our inner voice/intuition/Holy Ghost is there to protect us and our families---pay attention to it

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