Everything is s Weapon

Remember everything you have in your hands can be used as a weapon----some of the most effective tools are actual weapons such, pepper spray, kubaton, stun gun...etc---put your phone away when walking any where---it's a distraction as well as it occupies your hands. Your hands are one of your tools for self-defense

Pepper Spray
The use of the following items is to stun and hurt an attacker enough to get away----remember seconds count---these may afford you more time

Remember also, when using any of the following you need to strike hard---practice is important too as well as mind set---if you've already made up your mind before something happens and how you will act, than if it ever happens you will already know what to do, you will not have to think about it, it will come more naturally---seconds count

Pepper Spray--The pepper spray Damsel in Defense sells is one of the hottest on the market, 18%, hotter than a ghost pepper, as well as it has UV dye in it to help to find the attacker faster, shoots up to 16 feet 

Kubaton--Striking tool (which fits nicely in your hand) increases the power of a defensive strke, legal in call 50 states

Pen/Pencil--have sharp points and can be used to strike an attacker and give you enough time to get away from them

Water bottle--if it's filled, it can be pretty heavy and be used to strike the attacker

Keys--in many different ways can be used as weapons

Brush/comb--can be used to gouge and or scratch someone pretty good

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