Being Prepared

Being prepared to me means to think ahead of time and plan for any dangers, tragedies, trials, difficulties or fun times. Preparing means mentally and physically doing something before an event occurs that may cause disturbance to your regular schedule.

Simply put

If I were to go on a trip, I would do these three things;
Plan---the mind mapping and brain storming stage
Who--who would I want to come along, who would I want to see
What--what would I want to see, what would I need for the trip, what type of resources do I need
Where--where would I want to go
Why--why am I going (business, family, fun, funeral...etc)
How--how am I going to get to where I want to go

Prepare---Getting things ready for the trip stage, this is the physical part
Who--setting up care for cat, dog, children, parents, work---or packing bags for people/animals that will be coming on the trip
What--getting things I need for my trip, i.e. passport, luggage, clothing
Where--get maps or GPS for the place I'm going
Why--this would help in the preparation of what type of clothing I would bring on my trip
How--making hotel and transportation reservations

Go on my trip and have fun or get my business done

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