Always be aware of your environment. Make sure that you don't have any distractions.

The other day I was watching a woman walking near the local University. She had an ipod in her ear, and a cell phone on her other ear. She was looking down while walking also.

One of the higher locations of occurrence of attacks for women are universities, hospitals, and malls.

This woman had too many distractions while walking at a high concurrence location. What advice would I give this woman or any woman walking on a university? 1) don't walk alone during late hours---when there aren't many people around, 2) never wear an ipod, you can't hear what's going around you. 3) keep your cell phone away unless you are in immediate danger, again it takes your attention from the environment. 4) look up while you are walking. Walk with self confidence, even if you have to pretent you have cofidence. Look at every one in the eye when walking past them and say hello casially. By looking at the person you will be able to identify them. Would be attackers are looking for victims---victims aren't people who walk with cofidence. By saying hello you have also made yourself human in the other persons eyes--the would be attacker doesn't look at their victims as humans but as prey.

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