Trust Your Inner Voice

Have you ever felt weird around a person and didn't understand why? I would suggest that you listen to that feeling---it has never led me astray when I have listened. When I haven't listened to it, I've gotten into situations that were not pleasant.

If you feel odd about going a certain way home, listen to that inner voice, choose a different way.

If you feel like some one is following you listen to your inner voice and go to the nearest police station---make sure you do not go home. If you go home, you will be leading your stalker to where you live.

If you don't feel good about going to an event, even if all your friends are going to be there, listen to your inner voice, and don't go.

If you have a feeling of distrust toward a person, listen to your inner voice and stay away from them, and don't share information with them.

If you get into an elevator and a person in the elevator makes you feel "yucky"---listen to your inner voice. Get off the elevator at the next stop, make sure they know you are aware of them, don't get on the elevator...etc.

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