Self-Defense Instructors Say to Stay Aware

Rochester, N.Y. -- Self-defense instructor Ryan Fredericks says there's no set way to handle an attack, but with proper training you can be prepared.

“You definitely have to have a mind set and a skill set to back what you're going to do on the street as far as protecting yourself,” says Fredericks, who runs Close Quarters Combat in Rochester.

He says the first thing everyone can do is pay attention to what's going on around you.

“Don't fumble on your cell phone text messaging or calling anybody,” Fredericks says. “Have your keys ready to get into your vehicle, look around look under your vehicle... Make sure no one is following you.”

He says if someone does approach you with a weapon, give them what they want, but don't let them take you to the next location.

“You basically want to do everything that they say in the hopes that giving them your money, your wallet, your purse, is going to be enough,” says Fredericks. “If they're looking to take you somewhere, do not go and put up a fight.”

Fredericks says only with proper self defense training should you try to disarm someone, but if you do find yourself fighting back, he says going for the groin doesn't always work and that there are better spots you can target.

“You might be grabbing the sides of someone’s skin, their love handles, gripping onto their neck, pulling an ear…. Go to the face. Don't worry about the groin because it's not necessarily going to do that much damage until you're in a position of dominance.”

Reported by: Edward Moody
Last Update: 10/08 7:46 pm


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