Protecting Yourself

...Putnam Police Chief Rick Hayes said he wanted to reach out to the community and offer the program to women interested in learning to protect themselves.

“I was hoping it would help women be able to gain some self-esteem and get the empowerment to feel like they don’t have to be a victim,” he said, noting that attacks haven’t been a major issue in Putnam.
..“Society teaches women to be caregivers, friendly and helpful, not rude,” she said. “We don’t want to think bad of anybody.”...
...Lisa Salvas, 43, a mother of two from Putnam, heard about the class from a friend. They decided to take the class together.

“I want to be able to protect my children,” she said...

...The “Bullet man,” David Salisbury, has been practicing martial arts for 17 years and says the biggest mistake people make is getting themselves into a situation of being a victim in the first place.

“Men, women and children need to listen to their instincts and act on them,” he said.
Duthorne says she hopes women get two things out of the class.

“I want to make sure they aren’t chosen as a victim,” she said. “If they are chosen, I hope they have the warrior spirit to defend themselves.”....

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