"Everybody is born with a tiny voice inside their head that let's you know when something is very wrong or there is danger approaching. As we get older we rely more on rational thought and don't trust the tiny voice, the instincts as much. Those instincts are there for a reason and will always serve you, but you have to listen and trust. Instincts or intuition has nothing to do with rational thought which is why people often ignore the signals sent. We may dismiss that 'bad feeling' by trying to rationalize-'Why would he do that?' or 'Nah, it can't be.' In her book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, Dr. Christine Northrop defines intuition as 'the direct perception of the truth or fact independent of any reasoning.' .....when you have a bad feeling about a particular person or situation act on it. Trust the feeling. Do not try to understand 'why?'."

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